When it comes to photography, the best part is capturing those genuine moments of love and connection! That’s exactly what we did during Carissa & Curtis’ sunset beach engagement session!

Carissa & Curtis’s Love Story

This couple has a love story of childhood friends turning into sweethearts. Carissa explained that they grew up together in a small town in Vermont. Curtis, who was always around as a friend of Carissa’s brother, attended the middle school formal with her. However, they never really saw each other as more than friends at the time. Fast forward to two years ago when Curtis messaged Carissa on Instagram about a taco recipe she posted. From there, they began talking and FaceTiming every day until their first date. They quickly realized they were meant to be together! Isn’t this just the cutest love story?

Candid Sunset Beach Engagement Session

Their sunset beach engagement session took place in August! It was such a crazy day! Initially, everything seemed fine until I arrived at the beach parking lot, and suddenly, it started pouring rain! I had my fingers crossed that it would stop and it DID! The rest of their beach engagement turned into a hot summer day, which we were all so happy about!

Working with Carissa and Curtis was an absolute dream! They were truly a perfect example of dream clients. From the beginning to the end, they trusted my vision completely. They were open to all my ideas and prompts, even climbing rocks barefoot to get the perfect shot!  Carissa and Curtis are an adventurous, free-spirited, and deeply in love couple. As Carissa mentioned, they express their love through physical touch, and their relationship radiates affection, dependability, warmth, safety, and playfulness, all of which are beautifully reflected in their photos!

Carissa and Curtis perfectly complemented the beach setting with their choice of outfits. Carissa wore a flowing, white dress, while Curtis wore a beige shirt paired with jeans. The light, airy fabrics not only suited the hot summer day but also added a touch of romance and elegance to the beach backdrop. Their outfits allowed for easy movement, making it effortless for them to walk along the shore, and even climb rocks barefoot.

What is Candid Style Photography?

Candid style photography is all about capturing real, unposed moments. It’s about documenting genuine emotions, interactions, and connections. Rather than staging every shot, I allow the couple to be themselves, resulting in authentic, heartfelt images that truly reflect their love story! In Carissa and Curtis’ session, this style was perfect for capturing the authenticity of their relationship.

Book Me For Your Candid Sunset Beach Engagement Session!

Carissa & Curtis’s engagement session was such a great experience. It was about more than just taking photos; it was about capturing their love story, their journey, and their connection. So if you’re looking for a candid style photographer you can contact me here to book your session or see more inspiration for your engagement session on my Pinterest!


Carissa & Curtis’ Candid Sunset Beach Engagement Session

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