Anneke and Matt’s journey began in the summer of 2021 when they were both new to town and seeking community in a new church. Both drawn to City on a Hill Somerville church, they found themselves sitting near one another. Eventually, Matt mustered the courage to ask Anneke out for coffee or tea. Soon after, they had their first date, setting the stage for a love story that would unfold amidst the lush greenery of their Estate at Moraine Farm wedding.

The Venue: The Estate at Moraine Farm

The Estate at Moraine Farm, nestled in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a historic gem spanning over 175 acres of pristine land. Additionally, its meticulously landscaped gardens, woodlands, and serene lake offer an idyllic backdrop for weddings and special occasions. Anneke and Matt, both lovers of nature and greenery, found the venue to be the perfect setting for their big day. Surrounded by lush trees, a nature preserve, and a picturesque lake, it was everything they had dreamed of and more. From exchanging vows in the gardens to celebrating against the stunning waters of the lake, Moraine Farm offers both indoor and outdoor spaces to create unforgettable wedding experiences. Their Estate at Moraine Farm wedding stands as a symbol of timeless beauty and enduring love.

Anneke & Matt’s Estate at Moraine Farm Wedding

Anneke Getting Ready

As Anneke got ready for her big day, the bridal suite was alive with excitement. I snapped shots of Anneke slipping into her wedding dress. But it was when she cracked open that heartfelt letter from Matt that things got real. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she soaked in every word. I made sure to capture the raw emotion of the moment. Later on, Anneke shared a sweet first look with her dad! These candid moments of love, laughter, and a few happy tears in the bridal suite are a testament to the deep connections between Anneke and Matt.

First Look & Portraits

Following the emotional moments in the bridal suite, Anneke and Matt shared a first look in a lush garden area. The scenery was nothing short of breathtaking, with vibrant flowers in full bloom and delicate butterflies fluttering about. I was lucky enough to capture one of these enchanting butterflies in a photo, a whimsical detail that added to the beauty of the moment. Then after, we had ample time to capture their stunning wedding portraits of the couple together and individually. These portraits are some of my absolute favorites! They showcase the love and joy radiating from Anneke and Matt on their special day. From intimate close-ups to sweeping landscapes, these images perfectly encapsulate the essence of their love story. 

With a small but cherished bridal party consisting of only a maid of honor and a best man, Anneke and Matt’s wedding day allowed for a special focus on their family. This intimate setting provided the perfect opportunity to capture heartfelt family portraits. 

Anneke & Matt’s Estate at Moraine Farm Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place outdoors, and let me tell you, outdoor weddings are my absolute favorite! There’s just something so magical about being surrounded by nature, and Anneke and Matt’s ceremony was no exception. Set against the backdrop of a lush lawn with a forest stretching out in front, the scene was nothing short of enchanting. Additionally, a stunning floral arch adorned with vibrant summer colors served as the focal point, adding to the natural beauty of the surroundings. But it wasn’t just the aesthetics that made this ceremony special; it was the heartfelt emotions that filled the air. There were tears, laughter, and an overwhelming sense of love that enveloped everyone present. And to top it all off, everyone, from the couple to the guests, united in singing together! This added a unique and meaningful touch to an already unforgettable moment.

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour at Anneke and Matt’s wedding was a picturesque affair, set on the patio overlooking the serene lake. Talk about a stunning view! Thanks to our efficient schedule, we wrapped up most of the portraits before the ceremony. This gave the couple ample time to soak in the atmosphere and mingle with their guests during this laid-back hour. I focused on capturing candid moments of laughter, conversation, and connection as guests enjoyed drinks. Meanwhile, I made sure to capture every detail of the reception setup, from the elegant table settings to the decor.

The Reception at The Estate at Moraine Farm

Anneke and Matthew had a tented reception and it was amazing! Tented weddings hold a special place in my heart, and this one was no exception. There’s something about the intimate ambiance and the way the tent creates a cozy yet elegant atmosphere that I just adore. Tented weddings are my favorite for many reasons. They offer flexibility in design, protection from the elements, and a unique atmosphere that feels both intimate and grand. Plus, they provide the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable memories. 

The reception was an absolute blast, and the energy on the dance floor was electrifying all night long. Anneke and Matt’s guests were an incredibly lively and fun-loving bunch, making them an absolute joy to capture on camera. One highlight of the evening was when everyone joined in for a spontaneous train dance around the tent! The dance floor remained lit up with excitement throughout the night, creating unforgettable memories for the newlyweds and their guests. It was moments like these that truly captured the spirit of Anneke and Matt’s celebration!

Kind Words From the Couple

Bella was so amazing to work with!!!! My husband and I are both a little camera shy and she made us feel so comfortable like we’ve known her forever. She is so friendly and professional, quick to respond to emails and texts and very organized with the planning process so nothing was missed the day of. And the photos…BEAUTIFUL! Bella is so talented at what she does and all our family and friends who saw our photos had high praise for her. We hope to work with her again in the future!”

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As the night wrapped up, it was obvious that Anneke and Matt’s wedding was one to remember – packed with love, laughter, and memories that will stick around. From the emotional exchanges in the bridal suite to the enchanting outdoor ceremony and the lively reception, every aspect of their special day was a testament to the beauty of their love story. As a photographer, it was an honor to capture these cherished moments and to witness the joy shared by all.

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that’s as magical as it is memorable, consider embracing the beauty of nature and the warmth of shared moments. Contact me today to start planning your own unforgettable celebration!


Venue: The Estate at Moraine Farm

Photography: Bella Gavini Photography 

Florals: Prose Florals – Sierra Bettis

Makeup & Hair: The Artists Hair & Makeup

Wedding Dress Designer: Jenny Yoo

Caterer: Fireside Catering

DJ: CZone Entertainment – Corey Mitchell


The Estate at Moraine Farm Wedding

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