I’m so excited to share Joe and Meagan’s proposal against the backdrop of Martha’s Vineyard’s iconic Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse! It was here that Joe popped the question to Meagan and where we captured some unforgettable engagement photos! 

Joe reached out to me about proposing to his girlfriend while they were planning their trip to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. They had only one day scheduled on the island before heading back to Cape Cod, so it worked out perfectly that I was available that day! I was thrilled because it had always been a dream of mine to photograph at Martha’s Vineyard. 

He mentioned that after doing extensive research, he came across my work and thought it aligned perfectly with what he envisioned for their photos. Together, we discussed potential proposal locations, ultimately deciding on Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse. It’s a popular spot for proposals on the island, and since Joe initially wanted a beach setting, it was the best choice! 

Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful island off the coast of Massachusetts. It is known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes! Beyond its beaches, Martha’s Vineyard has charming towns and villages, each with its own distinct personality. Martha’s Vineyard is perfect for nature lovers! It has a ton of lush landscapes and wildlife. It also has such a romantic atmosphere! Therefore, it was the perfect place for Joe and Meagan’s love story to unfold. 

Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse Proposal

When it was finally time for Joe to propose the sky was covered in clouds but the sun was still peeking through them creating beautiful soft lighting. It made for amazing photos! He popped the question right in front of Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse! It was such a beautiful moment you can see how surprised she was in the photos!

After that, I was able to capture photos of them as an engaged couple for the first time. I absolutely loved the vibe they brought. We took advantage of the scenery and captured photos in the tall grass and playful candid photos on the beach. Since it was the middle of August, you can imagine just how hot it was! Therefore, Joe and Meagan brought the summer vibes to their outfits as well. They wore shades of blue and I just think it was perfect for the backdrop of Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse and Martha’s Vineyard in general! 

Ways to Make Sure Your Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse Proposal is a Surprise

Joe totally nailed it with his epic proposal to Meagan at the Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse! The pics say it all, Megan was totally surprised when he popped the question!

If you want to pull off a surprise proposal like Joe’s, here are some tips:

Plan a Trip to Martha’s Vineyard and Plan Romantic Dates Throughout

Set the stage for your proposal by taking your partner away to Martha’s Vineyard! Keep the romance alive throughout your stay by planning unforgettable dates. From sunset picnics on the beach to adventurous plane rides , make every moment leading up to the proposal extra special! That way, when you finally arrive at Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse, they’ll be completely surprised!

Have a Reason for Your Partner to Dress Up

Give your partner a subtle hint that they should dress up by planning a romantic evening where dressing up is a must. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a sunset stroll along the beach, make sure they feel excited!

Coordinate with Your Photographer

Ensure that every moment of your proposal is captured by coordinating with a skilled photographer. Discuss your vision for the proposal and any specific shots you want to capture with your photographer. Plan out where exactly you’ll be proposing so your photographer can capture it all!

Follow these tips, and you’ll have a proposal at Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse that’s not just amazing but totally unforgettable. Just like Joe, you’ll leave your partner speechless and ready to start this new chapter together!

Book me for your Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse Proposal! 

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Edgartown Harbor Lighthouse Proposal

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