Dreaming of a picture-perfect location for your engagement photos? Cape Cod offers breathtaking landscapes and serene vibes that are perfect for capturing your love. This coastal gem has rugged coastlines, tranquil beaches, and charming coastal towns, making it an ideal backdrop for creating stunning, memorable photos that reflect your unique relationship and celebrate your Cape Cod engagement.

Engaged couple walking holding hands at the Knob in Cape Cod

Planning Your Cape Cod Engagement Session

Planning your engagement session in Cape Cod is as amazing as it sounds! Start by choosing The Knob in Falmouth, MA, a hidden gem known for its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere! Here’s how to plan for a perfect session:

What to Wear

Select outfits that complement each other and blend well with Cape Cod’s natural backdrop. For her, flowing dresses or skirts in soft, neutral tones work beautifully against the beach’s sandy shores and lush greenery. For him, light-colored pants or khakis paired with a casual button-down or sweater create a relaxed, yet polished look.

What to Bring

Essentials such as bug spray (especially in the evenings during warmer months), a hairbrush to tame coastal winds, and perhaps a cozy blanket for romantic shots as the day progresses are must-haves.

PRO TIP: Apply sunscreen well in advance of your session to avoid reflective glare on your skin, which can affect the quality of your photos.

Engaged couple dancing on the beach in Cape Cod

Best Times to Visit Cape Cod

Consider scheduling your session during weekday evenings or early mornings to maximize privacy and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Cape Cod’s best photo opportunities are during late spring to early fall when the weather is mild. During this time, the landscape is SO lush with greenery.

Engaged couple sitting in a tree

Engagement Story at The Knob

Liz and TJ first met during their college days, starting as best friends before realizing they were meant to be more. Liz describes TJ as the carefree golden retriever to her grounded pitbull—truly opposites that complement each other perfectly! This was apparent throughout their Cape Cod engagement session, where their dynamic personalities shone brightly. 

Black and white photo of engaged couple walking on the streets at The knob

Their engagement session, held on a slightly cloudy day in May with a touch of wind (which added a magical touch to their photos!), was an absolute dream to photograph. Liz and TJ’s infectious laughter and genuine love for each other made every moment unforgettable. From dancing on the beach to playful splashes in the water, their session was full of these intimate moments. It felt like a romantic movie unfolding before my eyes.

Engaged couple laying on the beach holding one another

Embracing Every Moment Together

What made Liz and TJ’s Cape Cod engagement session even more special? Their adorable rescue dogs, Apollo and Nova, joined in for some beachside fun! These two furballs added an extra layer of love and joy to their photos, capturing the essence of their playful spirits and deep connection.

Engaged couple holding and kissing their puppies on the beach during their Cape Cod engagement

Engaged couple walking their dogs on the beach at Cape Cod

Capturing Your Love Story in Cape Cod

As a passionate Boston engagement photographer, I live for capturing the raw emotions and genuine connections that make each couple’s love story unique. Liz and TJ’s session at The Knob is a perfect example of why Cape Cod is such a magical place for engagements—it’s quiet, stunning, and offers epic views that enhance every photo!

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Discover Your Perfect Cape Cod Engagement at The Knob

Engaged couple holding and kissing their puppies on the beach during their Cape Cod engagement

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